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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who qualifies?
A: There is no business or individual, which is excluded from applying for assistance. There may be restrictions applying to individual programs but such agencies are in the minority. In any case, here you will be provided with the most accurate and up to date information you need to successfully recieve a grant.

Q: What sort of grants are available?
A: There are many different ways in which businesses and individuals receives government and foundation support.

Q: Are government grants only for large corporations?
A: No, the government wants you to take advantage of their programs so each agency will be eligible for additional funding the following year. They Must Give This Money Away -- It's their sole purpose.

Q: Are grant applications competitive?
A: In the sense that there is a limited amount of money in the kitty, each application competes with others. Some programs are more obviously competitive in that the awarding body will state in advance "the 50 best proposals received" in a period will be successful. However, these types of programs are not the norm.
There are various programs in existence however, where the nature of the program is to find and reward the best applications, perhaps on a regional and a national basis. Naturally with these types of programs the number of winners is very limited.

Q: Is the money taxable?
A: Usually where the grant is in the form of cash it is treated as normal revenue for an existing business and is therefore subject to tax in the same way as ordinary revenue, after deduction of expenses and allowances. Start Ups tax status are dependent on the organizations tax declaration.
Programs for business which provide assistance in kind (i.e. where no direct cash award is involved) will not normally attract any additional taxation.

Q: How do I get paid?
A: The agency will send you an acceptance letter with your award amount.

Q: Will bad credit interfere with obtaining funding?
A: NO, grants are not based on your credit. grants are not a loan, even the unemployed receive assistance.

Q: What is the average amount awarded?
A: $500.00 to $50,000.00 is within the range for small ventures, but it depends on what the funding will be used for. Businesses that benefit the communities have been awarded from $250,000 to millions in federal and state money.

Q: How many times can I access/download the E-book?
A: You may access your personalaized versions of the E-Book as many times as you may desire. Please use the links provided to you after the initial purchase to do so. Contact us if you have a problem of any sort with accessing the E-Books.

Q: How do I print the product?
A: Although it is possible to print the entire ebook, we do not recommend it. The full printed version of the directory is over 2500 pages, and most home printers cannot handle the large volume. Instead of printing the entire ebook, we suggest that you print only the sections that you need. To do this, simply click the 'Print' button indicate which pages you would like to print.

Q: Where are my 'bonus'?
A: Your bonus are included in the main directory listed in the table of contents.

Q: Is there a hard copy of the E-Book?
A: There is no printed version of our book available. We thought about it, but at over 2500 printed pages, the shipping alone would make the book overly expensive to our customers.


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