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Foundation Grants

A foundation is a nonprofit organization whose main purpose is to improve society.

Each foundation has its own special field of interest, and if you meet the eligibility requirements within that special interest, you can receive foundation grants.

There are over 30,000 active private foundations in the United States. These foundations have been created by individuals, businesses, corporations, etc., for as many reasons as there are foundations. One person may simply want to give back part of his/her wealth to society, another may want to give money in remembrance of a loved one, and yet another to claim a tax exempt status.

All foundations will provide financial assistance to an individual for a variety of purposes, including scholarships, fellowships, foreign recipients, travel, internships, residencies, arts and cultural projects, and the general welfare. For example, in one recent year, the Joyce Foundation awarded over $12 million in the fields of education, culture, economic development, health, conservation, government, and other special areas.

This year alone over $100 Billion Dollars In foundation grant money will be given away by private foundations programs.


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