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  • Federal Government Education Grants Website & Information
    The largest percentage of educational grants are awarded to non-profit organizations, health care agencies, colleges and universities, local government agencies, tribal institutions, and schools.

  • Writing A Grant Proposal
    Learn how to write a winning grant proposal.

  • Health Care Grants
    Here's how to jumpstart your funding research for grants to Medical healthcare centers.

  • Breast Care Grants
    Breast care grants are typically awarded to health care agencies to provide breast cancer screening, diagnostics, and treatment. Some breast care grants are provided for equipment, staffing, mobile mammography vans, research, and education.

  • College Grants
    College grants are offered to individuals to pay for college educational opportunities. Any individual can apply for college grants if they meet the eligibility requirements.

  • Primary Care Grants
    Primary care grants represent one of the largest percentages of grant giving in the United States. The federal government, state, county and city governments all award primary care grants for basic health care services to low-income, uninsured people.

  • Child Health Care Grants
    Article On How To Acquire Health Care Grants For Children.

  • Diabetes Grants
    One way to find funding opportunities for diabetes grants is by searching the Internet and type in “diabetes grants” in the search field.

  • Free Federal Government School Grants
    Would You Like To Know How To Acquire School Grants? Because there are so many schools in the U.S. and because foundations would be inundated with grant requests, you need expert advice. We can provide that expert advice.

  • Federal Student Grants and Loans
    Helpful information about Federal Student Grants and Loans. College bound students often find our article very helpful in identifying foundations that give student grants, as well helping them understand how to apply for the grants.

  • Scholarships Grants For College Scholarship Grant-Nursing Education
    The best way to learn about which foundations give scholarship grants is to go to your local library and conduct research. Local libraries have many foundation directories and resources available to use at no charge.

  • Economic Development Grants
    Economic development grants are typically awarded to revitalize, expand and upgrade their physical infrastructure to attract new industry, encourage business expansion, diversify local economies, and generate long-term, private sector jobs.

  • Grants for Development Directors
    Development Directors Grants are more often called “Capacity Building Grants,” as the job of the Development Director is to generate additional funding to expand and enhance the capacity of the nonprofit organization.

  • Block Grants & Cmmunity Development Block Grant
    Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) is an entitlement grant awarded to cities and counties through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development that is based upon need factors.

  • Community Development Grants
    Community development grants are typically awarded to communities for building and renovation projects that improve housing and public service facilities for low to moderate income people.

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